Tuesday, August 19, 2014

August Walks in Paris

Here are some impressions from a very calm and peaceful Paris. 

Basically, in August the whole French nation leaves for vacation thus many boutiques, restaurants and of course firms in the capital have closed doors. 

As well the whole Parisian fashion industry takes a break and will be back just in time for New York Fashion Week by the beginning of September, still working on their own Paris FW, which is the last one in row at the end of September. 

This break only works, because everybody takes it thus no one needs to worry that someone will wait for results - only this collaborative break can work out. 

All in all the French are just genius in pausing their daily routine and have a distinct sense for enjoying their lives. This once again proves that the saying "Germans live to work and French work to live" is somehow right.  

Sunday, August 17, 2014

"I dream my painting and I paint my dream."

On Thursday I finally met Dean from PickledThoughts
A very talented and vibrant photographer based in Berlin who was looking for a dancer to take 
some snaps with. The little photo-session turned out to be a super great morning in Berlin. 

Normally I am unhappy with dancing pictures of myself but these have truly captured my
 heart since they show me as a person, who I really am and what my passion is.  I'm  
faraway from being a perfect dancer, which is certainly why I love dancing so much: 
you will never reach the finish line. Always find something to work on, to improve. 

Dancing is certainly never easy and for me just half the effort is not enough. I really push 
myself to a limit. Normally I train 5 times a week and on the weekend do my own
home workout. Told you… always on the run.

 Check Deans official page for some more pictures taken by him! We will be working on more
fun projects together.

Titel quote: Vincent van Gogh

Friday, August 15, 2014

Make a Statement

"A statement necklace glams up any outfit without feeling 
like too much.
Tracy Reese

Both necklaces are from Zara
First one is from the current collection (buy here), second one is from last season.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Maxi Dress

There is no piece in my wardrobe that makes me feel more divine than a beautiful, long
summer dress on a super sunny day..!

This one is kind of a challenge, since it has a rather pale pink color thus only looks well when
you have a little tan but otherwise, long day dresses in summer are easy to style- just add a
nice belt and some flat strappy sandals et voilà!

Dress - Mango 
Sandals - Zara
Belt - Mango
Bracelet (black-silver) - Swarovski
Bracelet (silver) - Thomas Sabo
Ring - Swarovski


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